SiC junction-barrier Schottky diode reduces equipment size

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By Nick Flaherty

Using SiC for the BD20060T and BD20060S has improved energy conversion with 21% less power loss compared to silicon products says the company, enabling high-speed switching and smaller peripheral components such as inductors.

The junction-barrier Schottky (JBS) structure combines Schottky barrier with p-n junction for greater reliability. Both devices have a surge non-repetitive forward current of 155A (8.3ms, sine wave) and a diode forward voltage of 1.35V.

The 20A/600V BD20060T is packaged in a 10.1×29.0×4.7mm TO-220 and will be available in March. The BD20060S is packaged in a 15.9×41.0×5.0mm TO-247 and will be available in September. Specification 20A/600V.


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