SiC reference designs highlight power efficiency

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By Nick Flaherty

The three-phase Vienna PFC reference design is suitable for fast EV chargers and power supplies for industrial applications featuring Microsemi’s rugged next-generation SiC MOSFETs and diodes. A SiC MOSFET driver board showcasing Microsemi’s brand new SP6LI (low inductance) module featuring a stray inductance under 3 nH to fully benefit from SiC technology and designed to be easy to parallel. Up to 1200 V and 586 A.

It is also showing a SiC MOSFET driver board with Microsemi’s classic SP3 module that supports up to 400 kHz switching frequency, 12 V supply and capable of 16 W of gate drive power/side. Another SiC MOSFET driver board uses Microsemi’s SiC APTMC120AM20CT1AG power module with a SP1 package in a half bridge topology alongside ADI’s ADuM4135 driver.

A 5 kVA (540 VDC) three-phase power inverter for motor drive featuring SiC MOSFETs or IGBTs designed for the Airbus standard specifications for flight-critical actuation drives includes partial discharge, solenoid drive, current and thermal sensing capabilities. This has completed and passed all DO-160 environmental and EMC certification requirements and is line replaceable unit to allow for fast field maintenance.

Another 5 kVA (540 V) three-phase power inverter for motor drive SiC MOSFETs or IGBTs is scalable to 20 kVA (540 V), designed for aircraft program with proven in-system performance. Current, thermal sensing and partial discharge capabilities are included and the PCB interface allows simplifies design integration.


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