Siemens converts Warsaw office for Ukraine refugees

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By Nick Flaherty

Siemens is converting part of its offices in Warsaw. Poland, into a refugee shelter for around 150 people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The company and staff have raised over €9 million for emergency-response organizations and set up a website to match employees offering homes for refugees and in-kind donations.

Through the charitable Siemens Caring Hands organization, the company and Siemens Healthineers each donated an initial emergency €1 million to the German Red Cross. The two Siemens companies have promised to match every euro received from employee donations, meaning the sum raised is now more than €9 million.

The donations are being made available to a variety of organizations that are using this money to finance selected humanitarian relief measures ranging from supplying food and medicine to providing clothing and temporary refugee accommodations for Siemens employees and their families and for all Ukrainian people in need.

Siemens has also developed two new software platforms that Siemens employees can use to provide direct help – in the form of in-kind donations and accommodations – to their Ukrainian colleagues. For in-kind donations, the current need for food, medicine, clothing and other everyday essentials is being coordinated with those responsible in Ukraine and is displayed on a webpage on the Siemens intranet. The donations are then collected at three central locations in Germany and Austria and sent to the affected employees in Ukraine. 

On an additional intranet page, Siemens employees worldwide can offer their vacant apartments or rooms to provide accommodations for impacted colleagues and their family members.

In addition, the Siemens businesses will provide key technical solutions with the value of €3 million as in-kind contributions to maintain or rebuild civil infrastructure.

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