Siemens launches its first home smart battery

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By Nick Flaherty

The launch comes just days after Shell took over another German home battery system maker, sonnen.

Siemens’ Junelight Smart Battery modular lithium-ion storage is intended to help homeowners use energy from solar panels and other local energy sources. It coordinates the predictive charging and discharging procedures depending on the weather-related yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the individual consumption profile of the household. Using the mobile Junelight Smart App, all energy flows – from production, through storage, right down to consumption and grid in-feed – can always be monitored in real time.

The modular system combines to six battery units with a net capacity of 3.3 kWh each which can be retrofitted and flexibly adapted to changes in consumption behaviour, for example when connecting heat pumps or charging electrical vehicles, with a total capacity of 19.8 kilowatt hours (kWh). The standard hardware of the Junelight Smart Battery is equipped with all relevant connections for future functional expansions, e.g. for new app features or functions involving intelligent consumption control. As a result, the system provides for easy successive expansion via software updates. 

“More and more homeowners are generating their own solar power – and, in light of sinking feed-in tariffs and rising electricity prices, they want to use it completely for their own consumption wherever possible. The Junelight Smart Battery creates the technical basis for future-driven, sustainable and economical energy management within the home. This allows homeowners not only to lower their energy costs, they are also making a substantive contribution towards the success of the energy transition,” said Andreas Matthé, CEO of the Siemens Business Unit Low Voltage & Products.

When charging and discharging the battery, the Junelight Smart Battery automatically takes user-specific weather and consumption forecasts into account. This means the battery is only completely charged in times with high photovoltaic power dissipation, thus minimising power losses. The sytem has been certified by the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies for both the manufacturing process and the complete system have been certified according to all relevant standards. In addition, each software update is tested by the VDE in terms of safety-relevant influences.
The Junelight Smart Battery is now available in Germany and will be launched in Austria in April 2019.

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