Siemens teams on AI in robotics and industrial automation

Siemens teams on AI in robotics and industrial automation

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By Nick Flaherty

Siemens is working with Intrinsic, part of the Google/Alphabet group of companies, to explore integrations and interfaces between its hardware and the Intrinsic robotics software.

The aim is to add the AI-based robotics software to the Siemens Digital Industries portfolio of interoperable industrial automation equipment.

Intrinsic has expertise in advanced perception, machine learning and reinforcement learning which Siemens is looking to use in automation technology in the industrial space.

Today’s AI-based robotics runtime environments differ significantly in their development approaches which makes integration cumbersome. For example, deploying advanced robotic capabilities such as pose estimation, robot manipulation or automated path planning are complex processes that typically require teams of domain experts to operationalize. The two companies intend to investigate new methods to bridge the gaps between robotics, automation engineering and IT development.

The aim is to speed up development of flexible, AI-enabled robot work cells  to make industrial robotics more accessible and usable in new market areas with small and medium-sized companies.

“Intrinsic’s mission is to democratize access to robotics. However, robotics is rarely decoupled from the production environment, where the most value is created today,” says Wendy Tan White, CEO at Intrinsic. “That’s why working with Siemens Digital Industries, an industry leading automation expert, is an exciting opportunity to bring joint solutions to the market in the future, so many more businesses can benefit from the value that robotics and automation can offer.”

“Siemens is dedicated to bringing IT and OT closer together – the key principle of our Industrial Operations X portfolio”, says Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation at Siemens. “We are impressed by Intrinsic’s open approach to industrial robotics and we are excited to explore with Intrinsic how coupling of AI-based robots and automation technology can be further accelerated.”



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