Signal generator targets complex multi-emitter simulations

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To produce realistic electronic-warfare scenarios, the UXG can switch frequency, amplitude and phase settings in as little as 250 ns, and it provides built-in phase repeatability. This is made possible by direct digital synthesis technology and a Keysight-proprietary digital-to-analog converter.

For the simulation of advanced radar signals, the UXG can generate pulses as narrow as 5 ns with 1 ns rise/fall times and an 80 dB on/off ratio. The UXG can also produce chirps as wide as 10 to 25 percent of the carrier frequency. To mimic antenna scan patterns, the optional attenuator provides 80 dB of agile amplitude changes and 120 dB of overall amplitude range.

The UXB is capable of directly understand pulse descriptor words (PDWs), which helps reducing programming and setup time. For system testing, pre-defined scenarios can be created and stored for playback. The on-the-fly control can be triggered by external events.

Since Keysight positions the UXG as a slide-in replacement for fast-switching sources, it offers code-compatibility with Aeroflex sources. The 3U-high UXG can also be connected with existing cabling since it is hardware- and trigger-compatible with legacy equipment.

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