Silego adds LDOs to configurable chips to advance “Flexible Power Islands”

Silego adds LDOs to configurable chips to advance “Flexible Power Islands”

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By Graham Prophet

Specifically, Silego mentions power systems in wearable and handheld designs, where the parts’ small packages assist in configuring point-of-load power control. The device is both highly integrated and highly flexible, and can provide a rich set of features, including voltage monitoring, power sequencing, reset functions and low drop-out regulators (LDOs), that are configurable in settings and interconnect. This device is the second in the series of parts designed to create “Flexible Power Islands” (FPI).


Using FPIs, designers can divide their complex power system into some number of local power regions, or islands, each of which includes the power control, power sequencing and power regulation needed to support loads in the immediate vicinity. With the FPI concept, each of those “islands” can benefit from sophisticated power control regimes, without burdening a controller with the task of implementing multiple functions acroos the complete design. Silego believes this technique results in higher performance and a more efficient solution that can be flexibly tailored to the requirements of each individual system.


SLG46580 places many of these necessary power system functions (power monitoring, sequencing, reset and power switching) in a 2.0 x 3.0 mm, 20 pin fully encapsulated plastic package. Silego’s GUI based GPAK Designer software, and GPAK development hardware, are the vehicles to set up the programming of the GreenPAK parts, customizing functions to match unique power requirements.


The SLG46580 has four LDOs, each with a maximum output current of 150 mA. Each of the LDOs has a programmable output voltage level that can be set to one of thirty-two different values from 0.9V to 4.35, and also have programmable options for slew-rate selection and fault detection.


“Power system designers want more flexibility than is offered in PMIC devices, and higher integration than can be achieved using discrete devices. FPIs provide a unique combination of flexibility and integration that addresses the challenges in developing power systems for mobile devices,” states Nathan John, Director of Marketing. “The flexibility provided is very close to a full-custom integrated circuit design, and the very small size allows the design engineer to place them close to critical loads for maximum efficiency. We believe this is yet another example of how Silego’s CMIC strategy provides value to customers.”





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