Silicate-based white LED license deal extends expertise pool

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Toyoda Gosei, together with Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH in Austria, Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH and Litec GbR in Germany (the four members of the B.O.S.E. Consortium), owns basic patents for a technology that generates white light with blue LEDs and novel yellow silicate phosphors.

The technology enables the manufacture of white LEDs with high-accuracy and high-brightness, the primary applications of which include cell phones, laptops, GPS and other small displays, accounting for high share of today’s global LED market. In order to make the white LED technology available to the LED industry, the B.O.S.E. Consortium offers two different licensing schemes: a Device License for using the white LED technology, and a Material License for manufacturing and marketing the phosphors.

Toyoda Gosei has granted the Device License to Harvatek for it to join the pool of white LED manufacturers with the B.O.S.E. Consortium’s silicate-based LED patents.

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