Silicon Labs, Quuppa unveil ‘best-in-class’ BLE location solution

Silicon Labs, Quuppa unveil ‘best-in-class’ BLE location solution

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By Rich Pell

The solution combines Quuppa’s Intelligent Location System with Bluetooth LE asset tags using Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC) devices including the new EFR32BG22 SoC. A demo of the direction finding solution at CES showcases sub-one-meter indoor asset tracking with Bluetooth AoA technology and combines Silicon Labs’ Thunderboard Sense evaluation kit and Bluetooth SoCs as asset tags with Quuppa’s Bluetooth locators and position engine for tracking.

The direction finding solution targets a wide range of indoor positioning, navigation, and asset and people tracking applications for industrial IoT, logistics, security, personal medical devices, smart buildings and retail use cases. It can be used to optimize processes and workflows for improved productivity and efficiency in commercial and industrial environments.

“The combination of Quuppa’s turnkey infrastructure and Silicon Labs’ silicon, software and tools for asset tag design provides IoT developers with a comprehensive solution that reduces the cost and complexity of developing location positioning applications,” says Fabio Belloni, chief customer officer at Quuppa. “We’re delighted to partner with Silicon Labs because they match our deep commitment and know-how to advance the state of the art in location services technology.”

Asset tags based on Silicon Labs’ new EFR32BG22 Series 2 SoCs can enable 10-year coin cell battery life, less than one meter accuracy, and low BOM cost of less than $1 (USD) for asset tags manufactured in high volume.

Ross Sabolcik, vice president and general manager of IoT commercial and industrial products at Silicon Labs says, “Quuppa, the pioneer and market leader in accurate Bluetooth indoor positioning technology, is an ideal infrastructure partner to help drive widespread deployment of indoor asset tracking solutions. As the first wireless SoC supplier to support Bluetooth direction finding, we offer optimized Bluetooth silicon, software and development tools to help our customers design low-cost, low-power asset tags compatible with Quuppa’s large and growing location positioning ecosystem.”

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