Silicon Labs updates free software tool set for wireless IoT design

Silicon Labs updates free software tool set for wireless IoT design

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By Graham Prophet

Simplicity Studio offers an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse 4.5 and includes a powerful suite of tools for energy profiling, configuration and wireless network analysis, as well as demos, software examples, complete documentation, technical support and community forums. Simplicity Studio provides built-in intelligence to automatically detect the connected 8-bit or 32-bit MCU or wireless SoC, graphically configure the device, and show supported configuration options.


Developers can now engage Simplicity Studio from a device or solution perspective. A developer can click on a pre-defined solution, such as a wearable device, and Simplicity Studio will automatically set its context to the key components comprising the solution, such as an EFM32 MCU, a Bluetooth module and an optical sensor. By eliminating the inefficiencies of context switching and jumping from tool to tool, Simplicity Studio eases the development effort and preserves the designer’s investment in learning a comprehensive tool suite. The latest version of Simplicity Studio supports the following Silicon Labs IoT products:

Multiprotocol and multiband Wireless Gecko SoCs, Bluetooth modules, EFM32 Gecko MCU family, EFM8 MCU family and other 8-bit MCUs, Xpress fixed-function devices, EZR32 sub-GHz wireless MCUs and EM35xx mesh networking SoCs.


The tool includes;

– Energy Profiler to analyze power consumption and optimize for energy efficiency

– Configurator to quickly configure MCUs and wireless MCUs and generate C-code for pinout, peripherals and mode transitions

– AppBuilder to build IoT applications with ready-to-go templates

– Network Analyzer with powerful wireless network analysis features and packet trace analyzer for real-time inspection of network traffic

– Capacitive Sense Profiler enabling developers to fine-tune cap-touch applications

– Xpress Configurator to simplify configuration of Xpress fixed-function devices


Simplicity Studio Version 4 is available now to developers at no charge and can be downloaded from;




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