Silicon temperature sensor offers high accuracy and resolution

Silicon temperature sensor offers high accuracy and resolution

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Microchip Technology has introduced the MCP9808 silicon temperature sensor, which serves a broad range of applications by guaranteeing high accuracy of 0.5 degrees from -20 to +100 °C, along with high temperature resolution of 12 bits (0.0625 °C/LSB). The MCP9808 comes in small MSOP and 2- x 3-mm DFN 8-pin packages, for space-constrained applications. Additional features include shutdown, an under/over-temperature monitor and a critical-temperature alert.
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Many applications require high accuracy over a variety of temperatures, such as thermostats (-20 to +45°C), personal computers (+85°C) and industrial/automotive (+125°C).  With its high accuracy levels over a wide temperature range, the MCP9808 is well suited for all of these applications and more.

Additionally, many applications can benefit from reduced energy usage via accurate temperature monitoring and control that enables more efficient operation.  With its shutdown and temperature monitoring/alert features, the MCP9808 can help adjust the real-time power utilization of everything from residential HVAC systems to industrial equipment. Specifically, its shutdown feature reduces power consumption in both line- and battery-powered systems. The on-chip over/under temperature monitor can improve system performance through thermal optimization.  The MCP9808’s critical-temperature alert can increase the system’s life by preventing harmful operating temperatures.

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