Silicon Valley foundry adds MEMS, sensor capability

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By Peter Clarke

The additions include an i-line lithography systems with a 0.35-micron and it has increased its range of foundry services to include MEMS, bio-medical devices, sensors and LEDs. Noel Technologies specializes in supporting chip designers that work with advanced non-CMOS materials and non-standard process flows.

“We perform many wafer-fabrication services integral to the development of the newest micro- and nanoelectronic products,” said Leon Pearce, founder and chief technical officer of Noel Technologies, in a statement. “As a manufacturing partner located right in Silicon Valley, we offer chip designers a local foundry solution to shorten their R&D cycles and reduce their time to production.”

In fabricating a wide variety of devices, Noel Technologies routinely deposits thin-film dielectrics for three main purposes: as passivation layers to insulate or isolate active areas, as hermetic layers between active areas to improve long-term reliability and, in the case of dielectrics such as low-pressure CVD nitride, to provide electrical components such as a breakdown voltage layers for power devices.

The company also deposits thin-film metals to create an array of sheet resistance values, which designers can use in tuning the electrical characteristics of each device design.

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