Simple simultaneous flashing of ECUs with vFlash 2.5

Simple simultaneous flashing of ECUs with vFlash 2.5

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Users will benefit from linking the vFlash Station library to their own applications via a simple API. This enables simultaneous flashing of up to eight ECUs each on a separate communication channel. vFlash supports fast flashing of ECUs over CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet (DoIP). In addition, the new Version 2.5 provides extensions for flashing FlexRay ECUs: To increase bandwidth, different logical connections are used for standard diagnostics and flashing. Flash performance over FlexRay was further improved.

vFlash can be adapted to the flash methods and sequences of different automotive OEMs or bootloaders by using so-called vFlash templates. Currently, there are templates for around 40 different specifications.

vFlash was designed for all types of users at automotive OEMs and suppliers whose tasks include flashing ECUs. vFlash may be used interactively or as a library. The functional features of vFlash are rounded out by direct “native” programming of data in Intel hex, Motorola-S and binary format as well as flash programming based on ODX-F and flashing of compressed data. When vFlash interacts with Vector bus interfaces, such as the VN1611 interface, the user gets a complete environment for simple and fast (re-) programming of ECUs: in the laboratory, at programming stations, in a laboratory vehicle or right at a test vehicle.


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