Single-channel motor controller targets European market

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The resulting device sacrifices its on-chip op-amps but retains an integrated hardware vector engine, which the company says delivers better real-time performance for motor control applications than using a Cortex-M4 core with DSP extension. The price different between the TMPM374FW and its three-channel, mixed-signal predecessor is said to be ‘huge’.

The device features a three-phase PWM generator, dead-time controller, protection circuit and ADC timing network, allowing complete control of a three-phase motor through a simple register setting. The vector engine calculates PWM gate signals using a field oriented control algorithm based on the three-phase current inputs delivered via the on-chip ADC. A total processing time of 9µs means that the hardware VE block offers significant performance improvements over a software-based vector control algorithm, claims Toshiba.

To support development, Toshiba has developed a dedicated starter-kit which includes an evaluation board, 24V three-phase BLDC motor, a suitable drive board, power supply and software, including a board support package with source code and application notes.


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