Single-chip digital PMR baseband processor conforms to ETSI standard TS102 490

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Dual mode analog/digital PMR operation, high integration, low power consumption and small size are key factors for this market segment; the CMX8341 addresses all of these and its 6.25 kHz digital mode supports FCC part 90 narrowbanding requirements.
The highly integrated device offers direct connection to the microphone, speaker and RF transceiver section of the radio. Utilising a conventional limiter discriminator/VCO modulator, this RF architecture is claimed to be the lowest cost RF solution and is already widely used by the analog PMR market and ideally suited to the licence-free digital PMR systems.
Complete analogue PMR audio processing is included with CTCSS and DCS sub-audio signalling. In digital PMR (dPMR) mode, the ETSI TS 102 490 air interface; physical, data link and control layers are embedded along with a soft decision 4FSK modem and a licence/royalty free RALCWI vocoder. This comprehensive-function package enables a small, low power microcontroller to be utilized making the overall system a true leading-edge digital PMR (dPMR) technology solution.
Built on CML’s proprietary FirmASIC component technology, the CMX8341 offers field proven performance and a highly flexibly comprehensive feature set.
In support of the overall radio, the CMX8341 includes PLL system clock outputs, auxiliary ADCs with four selectable inputs, three auxiliary DACs and a RAMDAC to automate transmitter power ramping. Tx enable and Rx enable outputs are also available to facilitate transmit/receive switching.
The CMX8341 operates from a 3.3 V supply, includes comprehensive power saving operating modes and is available in a 100pin-LQFP package.

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