Single chip PMIC targets industrial and consumer designs

Single chip PMIC targets industrial and consumer designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Ricoh Electronic Devices has launched two single chip quad power management PMIC devices for industrial and consumer purposes.

The single chip PMIC devices integrate four high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converters, seven low-dropout regulators, four GPIOs, an interrupt controller (INTC) and an I2C bus interface. The output voltages and the power-on/off sequence settings can be tailored in a profile and saved in a built-in One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory.

Ricoh has been shipping PMIC devices for high-end mobile phones and tablets for the last ten years. A power supply for Application Processors, MCUs, FPGAs is often complex, meaning that an array of power management devices is required to provide power to all individual circuits. The easiest way to build an efficient power management system is to use a single IC that has all power control functions integrated.

The RN5T5610 is an industrial version suitable for continuous operation under wide operating temperature conditions of -40 to 105°C while the RN5T5612 is designed for consumer applications from -40 to 85°C. The PMIC devicess include custom programmable features by OTP for initial output voltage setting and start-up/shut-down sequencing. A 2-wire I2C interface at 400kHz or 3.4MHz provides additional control by register settings such as turning individual output voltages on or off as well as adjusting the DC-DC converter and LDO output voltage levels by a Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) feature. Step-rate for adjusting voltages is 50mV for OTP and 12.5mV for register settings.

With an input from 2.7V to 5.5V, the current consumption varies from 13µA in Off-mode to a maximum of 440µA in On-mode depending on which outputs are enabled.

The four integrated Buck DC-DC converters are able to provide 2x 2A and 2x 3A output current and have a peak efficiency level of 95 percent, all are operating with a 1µH inductor and 22µF output capacitor.

Five LDO regulators can be used for multipurpose and provide 3x 300mA and 2x 200mA, they have a fast-transient response, low output voltage noise and high ripple rejection ratio. Two additional LDO’s are always on but can be configured as always off as well when not used. One to power an RTC with a coin battery as a back-up power supply and also includes a reverse current protection. The other LDO is used for other purposes.

Target applications are an Industrial Controller Unit, Tablet, Set-Top Box, a power supply for application processors, etcetera. The RN5T5610 and RN5T5612 are available in a QFN0707-48-P25 package and are identical products but differ in operating temperature range. A reference circuit is available to simplify the design of the power supply as well as a bill of material with recommended components. To achieve a maximum performance of the circuit, an example circuit board layout is available for your convenience. Samples and fully assembled + tested evaluation boards can be purchased from our authorized local distributors and online partners.

The PMIC devices are packaged in a QFN0707-48-P25 with a 0.5 mm pitch.

More information is at Ricoh

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