Single core targets multicore newcomers

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TI claims that its C6671 family offer a ‘stepping stone’ into multicore, for developers who want a feel for multicore performance but who are used to designing with single core devices.

The company claims that the C6671 dsp, its first 1.25GHz single core member in the C66x family, offers the same multicore features such as increased peripherals and increased memory, with both fixed- and floating-point performance.

It is also pin and software compatible with the multicore members of the C66x family. TI has also announced a free multicore software development kit with optimised libraries and support for the OpenMP programming model.

The kit comes free with the company’s evaluation modules for the C66x family of devices. The company plans to add further support for the OpenMP APIs to its compiler and runtime software for the KeyStone multicore architecture.

The C66x are TI’s first multicore devices to support the OpenMP API, which is described as a portable, scalable model to provide developers a simple and flexible interface for developing parallel applications in mission-critical industries such as defence, medical and high-end imaging, test and automation, and high-performance computing.

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