Single-phase immersion cooling for data centre servers

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By Nick Flaherty

Taiwanese board maker Gigabyte has launched a series of servers for single-phase liquid immersion cooling aimed at data centre applications.

The two immersion cooling tanks comply with the legacy EIA 19in rack and Open Compute Platform (OCP) specifications and an immersion ready server, the G152-Z12. Combining years of R&D and deployment experience in the field of immersion cooling with customized servers and liquid cooling tank products will help speed up deployment of the power management technologies and boost system performance.

Single-phase immersion cooling, where the boards are in direct contact with the dielectric fluid coolant to conduct the heat away has been shown to reduce total energy consumption of data centres by greater than 30% and improve power usage efficiency (PUE) to below 1.1. Gigbyte has been working with Spanish immersion cooling specialist Submer on the technology.

The 25U EIA Tank supports a single 21U rack and four 1U (EIA) racks. The second, the 18OU OCP Tank, supports a single 18OU (OCP) rack, a 2OU (power chassis) rack, and two 1U (EIA) racks.

These support the recently announced immersion cooling ready servers: G292-Z45, G292-Z43, G292-280, H262-Z6B and S251-3O0. The tank provides up to 80 kW of heat dissipation in  footprint of 2.0 m x 0.9 m, providing an option for deploying density-optimized solutions in a limited space.

The two immersion cooling tanks are equipped with several internal sensors that can actively monitor the liquid temperature around the server, enabling smart temperature regulation at all times to ensure that the internal temperature of the coolant in the tank maintains 35°C.

The tank is also equipped with a backup coolant distribution unit (CDU). If one of the CDUs malfunctions, the system can ensure uninterrupted server operations.

Gigabyte has also added a new G-series server, G152-Z12, that is GPU-centric for immersion cooling. The G152-Z12 can support a single 64-core AMD EPYC 7003 processor with a power enveloper of 280W TDP as well as two dual-slot (rev.200) or four single-slot (rev.400) cards, providing suitable hardware architecture options for users with different application needs. The server is also compatible with mainstream single-phase immersion cooling tanks in the market.

“Gigabyte has always been focused on improving server performance. Today, in the face of cooling issues for CPUs and GPUs with higher and higher computing performance, we are not only working with industry-leading partners to help companies care for their operations and sustainable development, we have also developed single-phase immersion cooling products, allowing users to deploy green computing quickly,” said Dandy Yeh, Founder and Chair of Gigabyte.

“Net-zero emissions cannot be delayed. Our single-phase immersion cooling products are not only compact in size and comprehensive, allowing for fast deployment, but also able to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers. We are able to overcome the traditional high costs associated with new data centres and become an accelerator for corporate net-zero emissions,” he said.
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