SiPearl looks to automotive chiplets

SiPearl looks to automotive chiplets

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By Nick Flaherty

European supercomputer chip designer SiPearl is shifting to target the automotive chiplet designs as it opens an office in the UK.

“As a startup we were over optimistic with the costs,” CEO Phillipe Notton told the Global Semiconductor Association meeting in London today. THi sis driving a move to chiplets and to target the automotive market.

“There is a strong transition to chiplets as we have seen it has a huge impact in cost, yield and production as it allows you to have a smaller design and power savings,” he said.

“The chip we are designing has sold to HPC and data centre customers, and the Jupiter supercomputer is our first design win,” he said. This is set to ship by the end of the year, and a second generation chip based on chiplets is planned for 2025 with a module alongside a GPU from a US provider.

This will be key for automotive using the UCIe protocol, he says.

“Once you have the chiplet fully designed for data centre our aim is to reuse it across multiple product lines and binding it with chiplets designed for automotive or for telecoms,” he said,

“After market feedback we had no choice but to fragment the design and instead of putting multiple I/O in the one die we follow the trend of having that outside and we focus on the compute core,” he said, “This compute chiplet can have an impact in telecom and for automotive central and ADAS as well as in defence to mix military and commercial devices for root of trust and security with chips made in Europe.”

However this will take components from many different sources.

“I don’t think we will find a company in Europe capable of developing everything but having this fragmented into multiple companies we could do this with different suppliers.” He said.

“We are opening in Italy very soon and UK and Taiwan in Q2,” he said.



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