Sirius Wireless with S2C develops Wi-Fi6/BT RF IP verification system

Sirius Wireless with S2C develops Wi-Fi6/BT RF IP verification system

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Sirius Wireless, a provider of RF IP, has collaborated with S2C — the expert in FPGA prototyping, to develop its Wi-Fi6/BT RF IP Verification System, aiming to improve work efficiency and reduce time-to-market.

The emergence of Wi-Fi6 has unleashed unexpected potential, particularly in the IoT and intelligent hardware markets. Compared to Wi-Fi5, Wi-Fi6 enables 40% faster data transmission speeds, increased device connectivity, and improved battery life, making it widely adopted in IoT devices. Due to the specialized RF IP technology behind Wi-Fi6, only a few companies can provide such technology with Sirius being one of them. The Sirius verification system was designed to cut time-to-market for designers working with Wi-Fi6.

Leveraging the S2C Prodigy S7-9P Logic System, Sirius Wireless designed the Wi-Fi6/BT RF IP Verification System with AD/DA and the RF front-end AFE as separate modules. The company then used Prodigy Prototype Ready IP which are ready-to-use daughter cards and accessories from S2C, to interface with digital MAC. This design approach reduces the complexity of verification design by allowing the modules to be individually debugged. In addition, the system can serve as a demonstration platform prior to tape-out to showcase the various RF performance indicators, including throughput, reception sensitivity, and EVM.

S2C FPGA prototyping greatly benefits customers in accelerating their time-to-market by shortening the entire chip verification cycle. S2C customers can conduct end-to-end verification easily by leveraging the abundant I/O connectors on the daughter boards. For example, a Sirius customer developing short-range wireless chip designs spent only two months to complete the pre-silicon hardware performance analysis and performance comparison test using the Wi-Fi6/BT RF IP Verification System. The company thus saved over 30% in its production verification time and its customers’ product introduction cycle.

“S2C has more than 20 years of experience in the market.” said Zhu Songde, VP Sales of Sirius Wireless, “Their prototyping systems are widely recognized around the world. With S2C’s complete prototype tool chain, we can speed up the deployment of prototyping environments and improve verification efficiency.”

S2C is committed to building an ecosystem with their partners as a thriving ecosystem is crucial to market expansion.” said Ying Chen, VP of Sales and Marketing at S2C, “We are working with our partners to provide better services for our customers in the chip design industry. Our partnership with Sirius Wireless is a successful example of that.”


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