Six of the Best Filter Wizard Articles of 2012

Six of the Best Filter Wizard Articles of 2012

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Direct waveform synthesis using filter-like techniques     

Just sneaking into sixth spot was the The Filter Wizard’s artilce that looked at direct waveform synthesis using filter-like techniques.

Prediction and negative-delay filters: Five things you should know    

The Filter Wizard posed five central questions whose answers can help designers navigate through the variety of prediction and negative delay filtering solutions.

How linear phase filters can still cause phase distortion    

In this article The Filter Wizard looked at cases where linear phase response doesn’t give you quite the behavior you might have expected, and where ‘under-filtering’ can actually be worse than either heavy filtering or no filtering at all.

AC Voltage gain using just resistors and capacitors?

The Filter Wizard examined how to achieve AC voltage gain by using resistors and capacitors.

Now synthesize your FIR filters using high-school algebra     

In this second part of a two-parter, the Filter Wizard turned the process of factorizing the polynomial representation of an FIR filter into a product of quadratic and linear factors on its head and builds up complete FIR filters from small, easy-to-understand pieces.

Analyze FIR filters using high-school algebra

But the clear winner for the Filter Wizard Article of the Year was the first part of a two-parter which looked at some fundamental facts about FIR filter responses, using some basic math you might even remember from school.  Who is Harry Potter anyway?

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