Skiving boosts heat sink design

Skiving boosts heat sink design

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By Nick Flaherty

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CTX Thermal Solutions is using a new skiving machine to boost the specific power density of heat sinks for power designs.

The skiving process used by CTX allows the manufacture of large heat sink devices with even finer and higher cooling fins to boost the heat dissipation.

The skiving process sees the cooling fins carved from a single aluminum or copper block, with no interruption in the connection between the fins and the heat sink. This produces high-density heat sinks with very fine and high fins that are directly connected with the heat sink base. The process also ensures high specific power density.

The large heat-conducting surface of a fin heat sink enables fast and efficient cooling of power electronics. They can be manufactured using various processes but the skived fins, manufactured using a long-established process at CTX, are suitable for high-performance electronics requiring effective heat transfer.

The new skiving machine now allows CTX to manufacture high-performance heat sinks with even higher and finer fins that can be 0.1mm thick for aluminium and up to 180mm high while reducing the distance between the single fins to 0.2mm. The heatsinks themselves can be up to 29 x 9cm.

The new dimensions represent a substantial improvement over previous capabilities says CTX. If required, a skived fin heat sink can also be CNC machined to improve the flow path through different fin orientations to meet even more stringent cooling requirements.

CTX was founded in 1998 as a distributor of electronic cooling but now develops and implements custom cooling for electronics.

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