Small M5 connector has 360° EMC shielding

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By Nick Flaherty

Binder in Germany has launched a new generation of M5 circular connectors with 360° shielding to provide reliable signal transmission in electromagnetically exposed industrial environments.

The 707 family is also aimed at miniaturized application with little installation space such as robotics, sensor technology, metrology, and analytics.

The M5 connectors are available in 3- and 4-pin versions, with both straight and angled cable outlets and have screw locking and standardized according to the design specification DIN EN 61076-2-105.

They are particularly suitable for use under the influence of high-frequency electric and magnetic fields as the 360° shielding enables shielding attenuation values of 60 dB at frequencies around 1 GHz.

The development of effective shielding for these small connectors is very demanding, for example with regard to connecting the shield to the housing and in terms of mechanical robustness such as under shock and vibration loads.

As a result the 707 series connectors have been subject to extensive laboratory tests, which confirm both the required shielding performance and the reliable function of the products under typical industrial loads.

This means the M5 connectors can be used in applications from ultrasonic sensors and miniature valves to instrumentation and analytic devices as well as cobots, drones, e-scooters and e-bikes with custom variants.

The connectors operate at a rated voltage of 60 V and a rated current of 1 A, and withstand surge voltages of up to 1500 V. Crimping and dip soldering are applied as termination techniques.

They are designed for use in industrial environments with IP67 protection and an operating temperature range extends from -25 °C to +80 °C with a mechanical service life of more than 100 mating cycles.

“As a result of the successful market launch, we have already received new concrete customer inquiries, based on which further M5 products are being developed,” said Guido Werner, product manager at binder.

The company plans variants with angled panel mount parts with dip solder contacts for PCB assembly as well as variants that can be freely assembled in the field by the end of the year

“These additional connectors will complete our M5 product portfolio. There will then be overmolded cables, panel mount parts and field-wireable connectors in various designs in this size,” said Werner. “This makes binder the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete product portfolio in this size.”


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