Smart-Light control system cuts lighting energy usage by 80 percent

Smart-Light control system cuts lighting energy usage by 80 percent

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The XCO-100 SMART-LIGHT control system comprises a hand held controller and a microprocessor controlled Smart Sensor. Each Smart Sensor controls the lighting in a zone of up to eight Xeleum LED troffers. The system continuously monitors the light within its zone and adjusts the power supplied to the Xeleum light fixtures to the value necessary to ensure that the overall illumination is never less than that of a preset level.

“While our LED troffers can reduce lighting energy cost by 50% or more, an additional 30% or more in savings is achievable through intelligent use of daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing," explained Mehrdad Ghalebi, President of Xeleum. "The Xeleum Smart-Light control system is entirely low voltage, installs easily in acoustic tile suspension ceilings, is designed to operate seamlessly with all Xeleum LED troffers and is supplied with pre-terminated low voltage cables for connecting troffers and sensors.”

The hand held controller allows occupants or sustainability managers to turn the lights on and off, adjust the desired light level and to enable and disable the occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting features. The time that the lights stay on after the last detected motion is adjustable at the Smart Sensor.

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