Smart OLED display measures distances

Smart OLED display measures distances

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The micro display created by the Fraunhofer researchers consists of a standard CMOS device with an OLED display layer on top. For the demonstrator the display features VGA resolution but higher resolutions would be easily feasible, an institute spokesperson explained. The CMOS device does not only take the function of a display driver – between the pixels, the researchers can place additional functional elements such as photo diodes which in turn can form an image sensor.

The demonstrator device was created in order to make a head-mounted display interactive. "We superimpose the real-world image with the display content in order to create a display for Enhanced Reality applications", the spokesperson said. "And in order to control the display content we implemented a camera that monitors the user’s eye which in turn controls the image".

Possible applications for the OLED-CMOS combination however are not constrained to interactive data goggles. Other applications could include dimensional sensors, in particular for deployment in medical devices and industrial measurement equipment. The current project will be finalized in about a year, the spokesperson said. Afterwards, it could be brought to commercialization within another two to three years. "We see a very clear interest from the industry," the spokesperson said.

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