Smart power cord connects legacy machines to AWS

Smart power cord connects legacy machines to AWS

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By Rich Pell

With the Smart Power Cord for AWS, users can track real-time data on how frequently their device runs; identify the features operators use; and anticipate a breakdown and schedule preventative maintenance. The Smart Power Cord for AWS, says the company, quickly enables any 110V or 240V device to securely connect to an application supported by Amazon’s cloud platform, AWS IoT Core.

“Built into our Smart Power Cord for AWS is a rules engine, so a machine operator can define, for instance, when to shut off the machine to protect it from burning up,” says Gary Marrs, solutions architect at Grid Connect. “If a manager knows a machine’s steady state is 10 amps, the breaker is 20 amps, and the machine begins burning at 15, they set our cord to shut down the machine at 14 amps.”

The device also has built-in technology to track on-off cycles that predict when a machine would need a new filter, oil change or grease. The Smart Power Cord for AWS looks and acts like an extension cord, but is designed as a complete AWS IoT solution. Ideal applications include monitoring and controlling pumps, commercial appliances, electric vehicle chargers, electric metering and load shedding.

Data from the Smart Power Cord for AWS also:

  • controls and monitors power remotely
  • improves the customer experience, and
  • provides better maintenance schedules

“Without our cord,” says Marrs, “to get data from a legacy machine, a manager would have to hire an integrator or buy a COTS controller and write code; that’s an engineering project. Instead, by plugging any product or edge device into our Smart Power Cord for AWS, a machine builder or user immediately gets the data to monitor their machine and provide user-defined alerts to improve product safety.”

The company says that it developed the Smart Power Cord for AWS with Trek10, an AWS Premier Tier Partner focused on the IoT ecosystems, and AWS. To get started with the Smart Power Cord for AWS, the company created an AWS Quick Start guide for users to quickly add IoT capabilities into their AWS account in 10 minutes.

Users can deploy secure environments on AWS for a variety of solutions, including mining IoT data and AI tools to help analyze the data and gather insights. Quick Starts are built on AWS CloudFormation templates that provide a mechanism for rapid deployment of services and application infrastructure.

The Smart Power Cord for AWS sells for $129.95.

Grid Connect

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