SmartCow boosts AI edge vision processing

SmartCow boosts AI edge vision processing

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By Nick Flaherty

SmartCow in Malta has updated its Ultron edge AI video analytics platform with the latest Jetson Xavier NX and Orin NX modules from Nvidia.

The latest Ultron system, launched at Embedded World (EW2023) in Germany, is aimed at smart city and IoT applications using a modular design with three kinds of I/O units. The default configuration of Ultron will be the main unit with the SMCPN-D1 with four analog inputs and eight digital inputs, four digital outputs and eight isolated digital outputs.

Ultron is an AI-enabled controller with sensor fusion capabilities that empowers industrial applications of vision AI at the edge. Ultron is suitable for smart traffic and manufacturing with low latency for vision AI applications in various configurations. It is also applicable in smart factories, smart cities, smart buildings, and agriculture.

Ultron takes automation a step further than traditional PLC solutions with vision analysis with model architecture such as image classification, object detection, and segmentation.

The SMCPN-D2 module supports four ports of RS485 or 32 general purpose IO (GPIO) ports. For storage the MCPN-D4 module adds SATA and solid state drives.

Ultron comes with a built-in software platform, QuickSilver, that offers several software options tailored to users with varying priorities, making it simple to use pre-existing trained models with the Nvidia JetPack SDK software development kit. Ultron also works with SmartCow FleetTrackr, which monitors and records run-time data such as machine productivity or operating temperature, automatically starts and stops processes, generates alarms and alerts if a machine malfunctions, and more.

SmartCow sees Ultron fills the gap in the market by providing custom AI development service and simplifying the AI model configuration, which shortens system development and deployment time to market.

The company is located in Malta, India, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, and France and is expanding to the US.


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