SMK Europe NV strikes strategic technology partnership with Movea

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As the world leader in the development and production of remote control solutions, SMK Europe has been playing a key role in driving technology and innovative control devices for a new wave of Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and Digital TV services, which are emerging for next generation PayTV products.

“At ANGA Cable 2011, SMK will showcase new and intuitive paradigms for navigating and consuming rich digital media, based on Movea’s SmartMotion technologies in advanced remote control devices,” explains Patrick Delanoeije, General Manager of SMK Europe NV.

“These exciting new motion-driven features and capabilities enable unique ways of interacting with content, drive adoption of TV services, such as interactive games, and improve User Interface navigation to provide an enhanced entertainment experience that drives subscriber retention.”

“We are delighted to partner with SMK, the world’s largest remote control manufacturer, to deliver SmartMotion solutions that enhance the user experience,” said Sam Guilaume, CEO of Movea. “Through its adoption of the MotionIC platform, SMK continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovations and its product leadership to help the market develop innovative digital media applications.”

Movea has perfected its SmartMotion technology over 20 years of developing and selling innovative In-Air motion based products such as the Gyration Air Mouse. MotionIC products enable remote controls that detect hand movements and use that motion to control User Interfaces in a manner that’s as simple and intuitive as using a mouse to control the position of a pointer on a computer screen. Much like the Wii game controllers, this motion control enhances the user experience, making it more interactive, intuitive and fun. 

MotionIC ensures jitter-free, pixel accurate pointer control with smooth and precise movement. In addition, the MotionIC platform supports advanced gesture recognition; such as a flick up to increase volume, a flick down to decrease volume, a flick to the right to change channels and much more.

Libraries of more sophisticated gestures can enable remote controls that need only a few buttons and make it possible, for example, to have a sign-on gesture for each member of the family which loads up a personalized set of favorite stations, settings, and applications.

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