SMT 20-circuit interconnect solution targets 25Gbit/s data and telecom

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The zSFP+ connectors feature a preferential coupling design using insert moulding and a narrow edge-coupled blanked and formed contact geometry for optimised signal, mechanical and electrical performance while greatly reducing resonance compared to current SFP+ products. Components of the new zSFP+ interconnect system include: zSFP+ SMT 20-circuit connectors, stacked integrated connectors and passive optical cable assemblies. The zSFP+ SMT 20-circuit connector features the same PCB footprint, mating interface and EMI cage dimensions for total backward compatibility as a drop-in replacement for current SFP+ form factor host board designs.

The high-temperature thermoplastic housing can withstand lead-free processing. Single-port and 1x ganged cages support multiple port count applications and options for use with various board thicknesses and assembly processes to accommodate server and switch applications at a cost comparable to SFP+ cages. Ganged cages are available with two, four or six ports for multiple design options. The stacked integrated connector and cage is available in a press-fit application that eliminates reflow assembly and offers a compact, space saving design with ease-of-processing. An internal vertical shield provides unparalleled EMI reduction performance. Press-fit tails accommodate belly-to-belly applications for single and ganged cages to maximize use of printed circuit board (PCB) space. Optional rear and side-mounted light pipe cover assemblies allow flexibility of PCB signal routing of LEDs to provide port status and activity feedback to the user.

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