SMT Hi-Rel COTS series of solid tantalum chip capacitors

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The T86 series devices feature an internal fusing mechanism that activates at + 25 °C for 0.1 s with a 5A minimum applied current. In the event of a failure due to excessive current flow, this fusing prevents damage to circuit components in high-reliability avionics and military applications.

The option of low ESR values, which extend down to 0.25 Ω at + 25 °C and 100 kHz, allows for more efficient filtering in applications requiring maximum reliability, such as safety-critical industrial applications, medical instrumentation, and diagnostic, high-end computing and data storage. The capacitors’ high ripple current handling capability ensures stable output voltages.

The devices released today, part of Vishay’s Tantamount tantalum capacitor family, are offered in the C, D, E molded case sizes and have a capacitance range of 0.47 μF to 470 μF and voltage range from 4 V to 50 V. Their extended capacitance/voltage values, coupled with reliability, surge current, and ESR options, make the T86 tantalum capacitors a flexible solution for a wide variety of application and performance requirements.

Compatible with high-volume automatic pick-and-place equipment, the T86 series features standard RoHS-compliant tin terminations, with Sn/Pb terminations available. The capacitors operate over a temperature range of – 55 °C to + 125 °C. Lead times is 10 to 12 weeks.

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