Snaptron redesigns tactile dome switch contacts

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The snap domes are cycle rated to 10 million cycles, twice that of Snaptron’s typical standard domes and ten times more than many tactile dome and tact switch from competitors, according to the manufacturer.

The wide shape of SQ domes allows them to achieve high actuation forces relative to their size. For example, a typical 12mm 4-leg design (“star shape”) can be manufactured with a maximum trip force in the 400g to 450g range before the life of the dome begins to diminish. An SQ style 4-leg dome can be manufactured with a trip force of 1,200g or more, and still have a life specification twice that of a traditional 4-leg dome.

The SQ-Series line-up will initially feature nine standard part numbers ranging in sizes from 4mm to 12mm. Custom SQ-Series domes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and trip forces in as little as 4 weeks. All SQ-Series domes are stainless steel with nickel plating to improve contact resistance. The SQ-Series line-up includes a micro-dome – the SQ04200N. This is one of the smallest tactile domes currently available. This dome measures 4mm across and has a side measurement of 3.3mm for limited board space. In addition to being small, the SQ04200N has a 200g trip force. This is considerable tactile feel for a micro-dome.

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