Software automates the creation and setup of OrCAD Capture CIS component databases

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Engineers then have to manually populate those tables with the relevant component parametric information for each component. CIS QuickStart removes the need for engineers to become database experts by providing a predefined database schema and setup utility that has been developed using EMA’s many years of CIS implementation experience. The database is automatically populated ensuring that symbol, footprint, and part information is accurate and available for use in a centralized library. This makes part selection and maintenance accurate and efficient, and it allows design teams to share components and component data whether they are across the hall or across the globe. Finally, because the database contains all relevant component information, bills of materials (BOMs) are created automatically and with fewer errors, saving time and reducing production problems. CIS QuickStart is available from the OrCAD Capture Marketplace for $99 and includes 1,000 parts with OrCAD Capture Schematic Symbols and PCB Editor Footprints, complete with all parametric data. 

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