Software command set speeds visual inspection of electronic components

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The applications for the command set are in various areas of the quality inspection in the electronic and automotive industry. The aim is mostly to increase the quality of the components by visual capture and evaluation of the product characteristics. Additionally, using EyeVision, also the process stability can be increased.

This happens due to the inspection of the component type and the reading of the Data-Matrix-Code.

For the visual control with ChipControl, the following tasks can be addressed: Inspection if the electronic contacts are bent; the presence of the contact housing, inspection of the coplanarity, recognition of the pin-one marker, orientation and position adjustment, the pin gap, etc.

In combination with the ChipEye 5-Side the electronic components can be captured from five sides and evaluated by the EyeVision software at the same time. NIO and IO parts can be therefore separated quite easily.

The 5-Side scanner is specialized on inspection of microscopically small components and covers a broad scope of applications.

Also, ChipControl fits into the drag-and-drop programming of the EyeVision software. The prefabricated commands are displayed as icons and can be just dropped into the inspection program, without any programming skills.

EyeVision software is modularly expandable, which means that all the commands can be added also in a later stage enebaling the user can add commands without buying a new license.


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