Software option multiplies vertical resolution

Software option multiplies vertical resolution

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High definition describes the capability of an oscilloscope to handle applications requiring high vertical solution. This is the case in particular in those applications where the user needs to analyse small voltage components in detail, but where the signal at the same time contains parts with high voltages. An example is characterising switching power supplies. In this task, the voltages across the switching transistor have to be determined in on- and off-state within the same measurement. During these switching cycles, the voltage difference can amount to several hundred volts. Exact measurements of low voltage components in such a context require a high resolution.

The High Definition mode increases the vertical resolution of Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes to 16 bit, a 256-fold resolution increase. This is achieved through a digital low-pass filter of the signal directly after it has passed the ADC. The filtering reduces noise power, causing the signal-noise ratio to rise. Users can adapt the low pass filter bandwidth flexibly to the signal characteristics between 10 kHz and 500 MHz. The lower the filter bandwidth, the better the gain.

The increased resolution translates into better definition of the measurement graphs depicted on the screen; signal details become visible that before were obscured by noise. To facilitate analysing these signals exactly the input sensitivity of the scopes is increased to 500 µV/div. The low-noise input stages and the very exact Signal Core A/D converters ensure high measurement precision and dynamic range; the High Definition mode further increases the exactness of the measurements.

The activation of the High Definition Mode does not compromise measurement speed and versatility. Low pass filtering which leads to the gain in resolution and noise suppression is achieved in real-time in the oscilloscope’s ASIC, ensuring that the caption and processing rates remain at the same high level; the measurement results are available quickly. InHigh Definition mode, users have the same range of analysis tools at their disposal.

The High Definition option R&S RTO-K17 and R&S RTE-K17 is available now. It will be showcased for the first time at electronica. Visitors find Rohde & Schwarz’ booth in hall A1, stand 307.

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