Software option offers deep capture and analysis for radar signals

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Besides enabling engineers to analyse and define pulsed radar signals, the software provides tabular statistical reports summarising the critical pulse parameters relevant to system engineers. The software is used in conjunction with Keysight’s UXA X-Series signal analyser and enables system designers to measure pulses at an analysis bandwidth of 510 MHz. Its full potential is unlocked if it is used along with Infiniium oscilloscopes or the M9703A wideband digitiser.

In such a configuration, users achieve even wider bandwidth since a new segmented memory capture feature reduces the memory consumption, which in turn leads to longer recording periods at the same amount of memory. This can be achieved since through the segmented memory approach the software records only pulses and reduces off-time recording to a minimum. As a consequence the instruments can gather greater amounts of data, allowing designers to characterise complex pulse signals.

According to Satish Dhanasekaran from Keysight’s Microwave and Communications Division, in-depth analysis capabilities of pulsed radar signals are essential for system design in aerospace, defence and electronic warfare applications. The 89600 VSA software enables users to perform this analysis.

In a parallel effort, Keysight has updated the N9051A X-Series pulse measurement software to the N9051B. The updated software offers pulse analysis up to 160 MHz bandwidth using the PXA, MXA and EXA X-Series signal analyzers with the Windows 7 operating system. The N9051B pulse measurement software with Option 5FP features deep capture which provides up to 50 million samples of capture depth. This is more than a 100 times increase over the prior N9051A software. Customers who already own the N9051A software and want to add Option 5FP must upgrade to the N9051B software.


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