Software provides precise, efficient face and eye tracking for smartphones and tablets

Software provides precise, efficient face and eye tracking for smartphones and tablets

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Until now, similar technology has been typically available in the form of hardware developed for the military or individuals with extreme physical limitations. This technology is now available to mass audiences through mobile apps, business partnerships, and an analytics platform, according to Umoove.

The company has also made available 3D face and eye tracking flying game, Umoove Experience, on the iTunes store to demonstrate the potential that this software can offer developers. The first obvious application would be making cool games, but there are a host of potentially more serious uses such as in medical applications, advertising, analytics, eyewear, and security, amongst others. Developers can add face and eye interaction to new or already existing apps.

The Umoove software is designed to address shakiness, lighting and limited hardware resources typical of mobile devices. Further, it requires as low as 5% CPU capacity in real-time and the raw frames of the front-facing camera for input.

The software is built on unique algorithms with over fifteen patent files pending. It comprises a core and an interpretation layer. The interpretation layer converts the face and eye movements into a language that describes interaction and valuable data.

Umoove’s technology is available as a FaceSDK and EyeSDK, both of which are available on iOS and are coming soon to Android. Developers can use FaceSDK to integrate face-tracking into new or existing software via a plug and play process. In beta stage, EyeSDK is available to select strategic partners.

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