Software supports hardware based on MIPI camera technology

Software supports hardware based on MIPI camera technology

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The EyeVision software supports image processing hardware based on MIPI camera technology. MIPI CSI-1 and CSI-2 gray and color image processing cameras and computers are already available and EVT produces cost-effective image processing hardware with QuadCore and OctaCore ARM processors, based on the MIPI CSI (1 and 2) interface.
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The EVT camera modules are based on the new Sony IMX sensors. Different camera modules are supported with CSI-1 or CSI-2. Besides the MIPI CSI-1 and CSI-2 interface the credit card-sized boards have also a HDMI monitor connection, USB3 and GigE interfaces, to create compact systems with an onboard display. They also have a DSI display interface and digital I/O in 24V technology. Thanks to a continuing development, a long term availability is guaranteed. The modules are produced since 2012 in the same shape. The computing power, the memory capacity and the interfaces were adapted to the latest developments. Therefore we have today and also in the future platforms of up to 1.6 Ghz. In combination with the EyeVision software, powerful and extremely compact systems can be built and integrated into almost any housing. The systems are delivered with the latest Linux OS. With the EyeVision software even demanding applications with 20 parts per second, can be solved with only a few mouse clicks. Different MIPI sensors for the grey and color image acquisition are available. The frame rate starts at 9 fps and with full CSI-2 with 4 lanes, reaches up to 1.000 fps with the Sony IMX219 sensor.

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