Software test libraries for STM32 Microcontrollers boost functional safety

Software test libraries for STM32 Microcontrollers boost functional safety

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Yogitech (Pisa, Italy), provider of functional safety solutions, has announced that its fRSTL libraries for STM32 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics have been positively assessed by TÜV Rheinland for, among other attributes, functional safety certification.

Heinz Gall, Global Business Field Manager, Functional Safety of TÜV Rheinland, said, “Yogitech’s fRSTL libraries have been positively assessed according to the IEC61508:2010 functional safety standard for the systematic capability (SC3) and the Diagnostic Coverage, making them suitable to be integrated into SIL2, HFT=0 and SIL3 HFT=1 applications. The final report and certificate will be issued by first week of December 2014”.

Detailed information could then be found on the certificate and version release list published on

fRSTL for ST’s STM32 MCUs is a set of software libraries addressing the STM32 microcontroller series, and intended to detect hardware random faults. They are an application-independent, off-the-shelf product designed to be easily integrated into safety-relevant systems.

fRSTL libraries build on fRMethodology, Yogitech’s techniques that apply functional safety to integrated circuits using a white-box approach, and are duly verified by means of intensive fault injection simulations on the RTL and netlist level, to which Yogitech has access thanks to a collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

The certification gives the end user of STM32 microcontrollers a family of libraries that greatly reduces development cost and certification effort. Being a standard product fRSTL has a big added value for risk avoidance, a paramount concern in the design of functional safety systems.

“Achieving stringent functional-safety certification on STM32-based embedded systems has become a very strong demand within our industrial customer base,” said Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director, Microcontroller division, STMicroelectronics. “With the release of YOGITECH’s state-of-the-art fRSTL solution certified by TÜV Rheinland, we are now able to reach this objective by enabling SIL2(3) on the complete STM32 portfolio.”

“Pervasiveness and complexity of modern integrated circuits are becoming increasingly a challenge for safety applications across all market segments, including industrial.” said Silvano Motto, Chief Executive Officer of YOGITECH.

“YOGITECH is bringing its fRSTL for STM32 MCUs [to] a market so far highly fragmented, where most customers had to develop their own software solutions without the possibility of a circuit level verification. Thanks to our partnership with STMicroelectronics we are now filling this gap, offering to STM32 users a standard product simply unmatched in terms of quality and convenience”.

fRSTL libraries are available for the STM32 F0, F1, F2, F4 and L1 series and are currently being shipped to customers, while fRSTL library for the STM32 F3 is under development and scheduled to be released by 15th December.

Yogitech is a provider of services and solutions to silicon vendors and system integrators to help them meet their functional safety challenges. The faultRobust technology includes different product lines – fRMethodology, fRTools, fRTrainings, fRIPs and fRSTL – coherently with the objective to be the one stop shop for functional safety. Its customer portfolio includes major semiconductor vendors and major system integrators in different safety application domains like automotive, industrial, medical and railway. YOGITECH is member of the ISO 26262 Working Group and the lead author of the Part 10 – Annex A "ISO26262 and microcontrollers" and active member of the newly formed ISO 26262 semiconductor working group.


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