The EnOcean STM 550 has sensors for temperature, humidity, lighting, acceleration and magnetic contact in a single case. In a new PTM form factor, the sensor module has an integrated solar cell that is able to generate all of the energy required for the measurement and wireless data communication. Scavenged energy can be stored internally for several days to guarantee the functionality of the sensor in little or no light. The multisensor send reports on the internal energy level and available light on the solar cell to operate completely maintenance-free. It can also be configured and commissioned through its NFC (Near Field Communication) interface.

The new STM 550 multisensor family is available for both the EnOcean wireless standard and for Bluetooth. EnOcean has migrated the original PTM package of the company’s PTM switch module to sensors to allow the sensor to be located in all common switch frames. The new multisensor is available as an Easyfit product for quick installation.

“The increasing spread of IoT applications requires more and more data that can be generated maintenance-free and in real time in any place,” says Matthias Kassner, Vice President Product Marketing, EnOcean GmbH. “The new EnOcean multisensor supplies exactly this data. Thanks to the widely used original PTM form factor it can be quickly integrated into existing customer designs, enabling innovative sensor solutions to be implemented in the shortest possible time.”

The integrated NFC interface allows the sensor to be easily configured and commissioned by a computer with an NFC reader or an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet. The “EnOcean Tool” app is used as the interface between the multisensor and the smartphone. It can be used to determine important product parameters and to integrate the multisensor into existing systems. The app is free of charge for iOS and Android.

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