Solar-powered window roller shutter is energy self-sufficient

Solar-powered window roller shutter is energy self-sufficient

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The new roller shutter is energy self-sufficient because it can harvest the solar energy required for daily operation even in inclement weather or with a northern exposure, thanks to a photovoltaic module developed specifically for the application. Energy is stored in a battery that supplies the electric power needed to run the motor, which assures continuous operation even after several weeks of rainy weather.

CEA-Liten developed a dedicated battery-management system for maximum life expectancy across all French climates. The achieved longevity is outstanding for an electrochemical component integrated into a consumer product designed to operate outdoors, and required nearly two years of R&D.

The shutter is equipped with an individual radio control and can also be operated by bundled radio control. CEA-Leti worked on the communication electronics and designed the structure and size of the radio antenna to minimize energy requirements, while improving the devices’ sensitivity and range. This new-generation radio is compatible with previous Bubendorff models, which allows the solar-powered shutter to be appended to an existing shutter installation.

The photovoltaic modules deliver 3 to 5W depending on the shutter’s dimensions, they measure 90x390mm for the 3W version or 90x590mm for the 5W version. This shutter can be installed quickly and easily, without an electrician, as it requires no power connection. It offers a convenient way to control incoming solar rays and therefore to improve buildings’ energy efficiency.

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