Solid Sands, Sysgo extend safety-critical deal

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By Nick Flaherty

Dutch compiler and library testing and validation tool developer Solid Sands has extended its deal with Sysgo for real time operating system technology in safety critical designs.

The two companies have been working closely together since 2018 on various certification projects for automotive and railway applications with the need for compiler validation, code qualification and high safety certification requirements, such as ISO 26262 ASIL B or EN 50657 SIL 2. Sysgo’sPikeOS is compliant with these safety standards and has also been deployed within various high-critical communication infrastructures.

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Solid Sands provides its SuperTest Compiler Test and Validation Suite as well as the SuperGuard C Library Safety Qualification Suite. SYSGO uses SuperTest for C99 and C++17 validation of the compiler as well as the library in the PikeOS ecosystem. SuperTest greatly reduces the efforts for certification compared with SYSGO’s previous processes.

The extended deal provides Sysgo’s extended capabilities on its supported and qualified GCC compiler for safety-critical projects in combination with C/C++ standard libraries. Solid Sands’ technologies play a key role in achieving standard-compliant certification and qualification with high efficiency. This helps achieve the highest certification standards in Automotive ISO26262 ASIL B, Railway EN50128 or EN50657 level SIL 2, and the generic Functional Safety IEC61508 norm.

“We’re excited about the latest enhancements of SYSGO’s and Solid Sands’ products. The ongoing collaboration ensures Solid Sands can provide the best qualification and test experience during test and validation period of a development cycle,” said Marcel Beemster, Founder and CTO of Solid Sands.

Sven Nordhoff from SYSGO adds: ”It’s great to see the long-standing partnership with Solid Sands growing, supported by the PikeOS C and C++ code capabilities and the compiler testing, validation and safety services.”;

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