Solid state battery protoype cell extends EV range to 800km

Solid state battery protoype cell extends EV range to 800km

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and the Samsung R&D Institute Japan (SRJ) have shown a prototype pouch cell for a higher performance solid state battery.

A solid state battery with a solid electrolyte has a greater energy density than current liquid versions, which opens the door for larger capacities, and is safer. However, the lithium metal anode used in a solid state battery can still trigger the growth of dendrites which can lead to short circuits, overheating and fires. 

So the team at Samsung used a silver-carbon (Ag-C) composite layer as the anode in a prototype pouch cell with a larger capacity, a longer cycle life and enhanced safety. The use of a pouch cell means that the technology can be integrated into existing production lines. Samsung SDI already produces pouch cells for battery packs for BMW and turned a TV factory in Hungary into a battery gigafactory to meet demand for electric vehicles.

The Ag-C layer is 5µm and allowed the team to reduce anode thickness, giving the higher energy density up to 900Wh/L. It also enabled them to make their prototype approximately 50 percent smaller by volume than a conventional lithium-ion battery. The prototype pouch cell that the team developed would enable an EV to travel up to 800km on a single charge, and features a cycle life of over 1,000 charges.

“The product of this study could be a seed technology for safer, high-performance batteries of the future. Going forward, we will continue to develop and refine all-solid-state battery materials and manufacturing technologies to help take EV battery innovation to the next level,” said Dongmin Im, Master at SAIT’s Next Generation Battery Lab and the leader of the project, above right with Yuichi Aihara, Principal Engineer from SRJ (left) and Yong-Gun Lee, Principal Researcher .

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