Solid state lithium metal battery tops 800Wh/l

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By Nick Flaherty

Battery startup up Sakuu has demonstrated a solid state lithium metal battery pouch cell with an energy density of  800Wh/l, a key figure for the industry.

The first-generation lithium metal (LM) battery is a significant milestone on Sakuu’s roadmap to fully 3D printable solid-state batteries capable of greater than 1200 Wh/l early next year.

“Today’s market-leading commercial cells use graphite, which limits cells to ~650 Wh/l,” said the company. “Our Sakuu-LM first-generation lithium metal battery focuses specifically on safety (non-flammable) and energy density improvements (800Wh/L). We have moved away from the conventional flammable liquid electrolyte. Our proprietary electrolyte is non-flammable.”

“The arrival of a safe, sustainable, and high-performance SSB, manufactured with a totally novel 3D printing method can solve critical supply chain and safety issues while moving beyond limitations of today’s lithium-ion batteries,” said Robert Bagheri, founder and CEO of Sakuu.

More on Sakuu’s plans: Shaking up the industry with 3D printed solid state batteries

“We are on track to develop that ‘holy grail’ solid-state battery by 2023, and this first-generation benchmark is a validating accomplishment on the roadmap to significantly better batteries.”

This non-printed cell also has energy retention at 97% after 200 cycles and is expected to record 80% retention at 800 cycles once cycling has completed.

The company says it anticipates another substantial leap in energy density in its second-generation fully printed SSB, which will see sample cell deliveries begin in early 2023 using Sakuu’s Kavian 3D printing system for mass-volume production of batteries in a gigafactory.

 “We are creating a line of safe, customizable, low-cost and high-performance batteries, and manufacturing them in a completely transformative and sustainable manner to satisfy large-scale global demand,” said Bagheri.

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