Sondrel signs Arteris IP for ADAS chip

Sondrel signs Arteris IP for ADAS chip

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By Nick Flaherty

Sondrel is using the network on chip (NOC) technology from Arteris IP for its next generation of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) architecture.

The on-chip interconnect was selected for its configurability and performance, and is widely used across the industry (see other customers below).

The Arteris FlexNOC will be used for the SFA 350A multi-channel automotive vehicle IP platform, enabling the ability to design the NoC to match the performance of IP blocks to ensure that data flows at the right speed in, out and around the SoC. It enables designers to quickly design and verify a chip that precisely meets the customer’s silicon specifications on time and within budget.

The SFA 350A is part of Sondrel’s Architecting the Future family of IP reference platforms that provide a fast track to a custom SoC. The design is focused on ADAS to support driverless and automotive vehicle applications to meet ISO 26262 requirements. It has four channels for sensors that can be either passive for optical camera inputs or active using LIDAR and radar.

The framework architecture allows the processor units for the chip’s four channels to be selected according to the processing power required by the application without any changes to the rest of the chip. This modular approach makes the system versatile and scalable. Powerful solutions can be created by ganging identical SFA 350A quad-core chips together to form a cluster.

“Through many years of working with Arteris, we knew that FlexNoc would reliably deliver exactly what we needed, backed up by excellent technical support,” said Edwin Loverseed, head of engineering at Sondrel. “The SoC interconnect provides a complete, comprehensive solution spanning architecture exploration to physical implementation and verification.”

“Sondrel has specialized in large complex SoCs that are always pushing the envelope in terms of complexity and advanced nodes,” said K. Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris IP. “We are delighted that FlexNoC is enabling Sondrel designers to continue to pioneer the creation of high-performance compute solutions that will innovate the automotive industry.”

Arteris IP has had a chequered past. Originally based in Paris, France, in October 2013, Qualcomm Technologies acquired the FlexNoC network-on-chip product portfolio. Arteris retained the customer contracts and continues licensing FlexNoC and modifying the source code for customer support while Qualcomm provides engineering deliverables for the FlexNoC product line and updates to Arteris.  

It supplies customers such as Bosch, Baidu, Mobileye, Samsung, Toshiba and NXP with the Ncore cache coherent and FlexNoC non-coherent interconnect IP, the CodaCache standalone last level cache, and optional Resilience Package (ISO 26262 functional safety), FlexNoC AI Package, and PIANO automated timing closure capabilities.;

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