Sony demos 8Kx2K giant LED display

Sony demos 8Kx2K giant LED display

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Built from Sony’s trade-marked CLEDIS™ (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) micro-LED panels measuring 403×453mm each and packing 320×360 RGB LED pixels at a pitch of 1.25mm, the new LED wall display technology could become commercially available early 2017.

A visual representation of the RGB clusters,
only covering 1% of the screen surface.

One striking feature of the modular LED wall is the actual pixel configuration, with R (red), G (green), and B (blue) ultrafine LEDs boasting footprints of only 0.003 mm2, meaning that for the chosen RGB pixel pitch, most of the display’s surface remains black. This high black-to-surface ratio (99% black) contributes to the technology’s high contrast ratio in light and dark viewing environments, explains Sony on its website.

The individual display units are joined together with no bezels to create a limitless and seamless large-screen display, delivering a viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees, with corner-to-corner image uniformity in terms of brightness and color, even on a large screen.

The whole canvas has a brightness of 1000 cd/2 (1000 nits), and supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, producing imagery with 10-bit color depth and a wide color gamut (approximately 140% of sRGB). Unique pixel drive circuitry supports fast video response with a frame rate of 120 fps.

A display controller unit.

The LED panels are synchronized by slightly smaller display controllers measuring 440 × 349 × 65 mm and each capable of managing an input resolution of 3840 × 2160, controlling up to 72 display units each. For very large walls, up to 20 display controllers can be synchronized together.  The 8K x 2K demo was made up of 144 (24 x 6) tiling modules, for which only two controllers would have been required.

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