Sound-enhancement technology for Tensilica’s HiFi audio DSP cores

Sound-enhancement technology for Tensilica’s HiFi audio DSP cores
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The Consumer Electronics Division of Waves now makes its MaxxAudio sound-enhancement technology available for Tensilica's HiFi audio DSP cores aimed at audio platforms.
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MaxxAudio incorporates a host of proprietary signal-processing technologies to deliver enhanced, dynamic and immersive sound from the small speakers typically found in many consumer electronics products, with better definition, deeper bass and a more enveloping sound field. MaxxAudio incorporates a suite of proprietary audio enhancements including MaxxVolume, MaxxLeveler, MaxxTreble, MaxxDialog, MaxxStereo, MaxxBass and MaxxEQ. It offers optimum sonic performance whether listening through speakers or headphones. Its processing works in realtime.

MaxxVolume provides increased volume levels, improves clarity and increases the intelligibility of softer sounds at quiet volumes. MaxxLeveler evens out volume differences with two user-selectable listening modes. MaxxTreble high-frequency enhancement brings out sonic nuances with detail and clarity. MaxxDialog lets listeners adjust dialog levels in movies and games, without affecting the rest of the audio mix. MaxxStereo creates a bigger stereo "sweet spot" from a device’s built-in speakers. MaxxBass virtual subwoofer technology uses psychoacoustic processing to deliver more natural-sounding bass. MaxxEQ lets listeners shape the sound to their preferences using full frequency spectrum equalization.

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