Spotting Starlink Satellites

Spotting Starlink Satellites

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By Wisse Hettinga

A LNB, a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR are enough to track the Starlink satellites

We know they are out there, the Starlink Satellites. They are with many, currently the counter is on 3,580, 12,000 are in the planning, but with a possible extension to 42,000. They circle in Low Earth Orbit (below the 2000 km). Astronomers complain that the huge number of satellites will blur their vision of space and beyond, for people in urban areas (or war zones) they can provide an essential internet connection.

But, where are the Starlink satellites exactly? Gabe Emerson is the type of person who likes to find out for himself. He is doing experiments with all sorts of junk and materials – you should follow his adventures!

With a LNB, a Raspberry Pi and SDR he set out to spot the Starlinks above and guess what? He found them! 

In the following video you can follow his experiments

Now you know they are there!

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