Spring loaded pins have removable pick and place caps

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By Julien Happich

The 806 series features standard Mill-Max spring pins with removable caps which keep parts centred in the carrier tape pocket, present a large round target surface for vacuum pick up and are easily removed after the soldering process.

Some components, particularly individual terminals and pins, are poorly suited for pick & place carrier tape packaging due to their geometry.  To solve this problem it’s often necessary to add an accessory to the part to accommodate packaging and automated assembly; these removable caps do just that. The removable caps attach to the body of the spring pin, slipping over without compressing or damaging the plunger.  The four finger design creates compliancy making the cap easy to remove.  The closed flat top ensures reliable vacuum pick up every time.

The 806-22-001-30-0XX191 series is currently available in nine surface mount options using standard Mill-Max spring pins 0900-X and 0907-X.  The 806-22-001-10-00X191 series is currently available in four through-hole style spring pins 0906-X.  All parts are packaged per EIA-481 standards on 13” reels with the surface mount style on 16 mm wide tape and through-hole on 24 mm wide. The removable caps are made of high temperature nylon 46 and are suitable for most soldering processes.

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