SpringSoft launches the Verdi Interoperability Apps (VIA) exchange open platform

SpringSoft launches the Verdi Interoperability Apps (VIA) exchange open platform

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SpringSoft launched the Verdi Interoperability Apps (VIA) Exchange, an open platform for creating and sharing custom applications deployed with the company's Verdi Automated Debug System. This unprecedented move by SpringSoft is a significant milestone in the EDA industry’s shift toward greater openness and tool interoperability that provides access to the underlying design knowledge infrastructure of the industry’s most popular debug software and facilitates the free exchange of Open Source applications.
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The VIA Exchange consists of the newly productized application programming interface (API) to SpringSoft’s de facto standard databases and the www.via-exchange.com website for download of the VIA interface, scripting tools and command libraries that can be used to create customizable Verdi scripts and utilities. VIA Exchange users can also submit scripts or end use applications to the exchange. More than 60 well-defined functions and procedures as well as 30+ scripts and applications have been contributed to date by SpringSoft engineers, Verdi users and ecosystem partners, including Avery Design Systems, NextOp Software, Real Intent, Source III, and Vennsa Technologies.

SpringSoft’s Verdi software is a highly automated debug system that accelerates design comprehension of complex IP components, design modules and entire system on chip (SoC) designs. The system is built on a unified ‘design knowledge’ platform of specialized databases, analysis engines and APIs. These compile, extract and preserve the data needed to reveal the functional operation and interaction between all the various design, assertion and system testbench elements.

With the launch of the VIA Exchange, SpringSoft is opening access to the wealth of design, simulation and analysis information stored in its Knowledge Database (KDB) and Fast Signal Database (FSDB). Using the same production-proven interface available today to SpringSoft’s third-party Harmony Network members, VIA Exchange users can leverage this design knowledge to craft applications tailored to their tool and design flow requirements. The interface features Open Source Tool Command Language (TCL) scripts and C/C++ programs that make it easy to develop and deploy design comprehension, validation and manipulation applications. SpringSoft is also offering a ‘how to’ Quick Start Reference Manual, training courses and consulting services to assist with skill and program development.

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