SSL/TLS for single-chip systems: small memory footprint for IoT

SSL/TLS for single-chip systems: small memory footprint for IoT
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Phaedrus Systems (Tamworth, UK) is releasing a new version of Segger's ( Hilden, Germany) emSSL secure sockets implementation with both client and server capability. Needing only 7 kB of RAM to support a secure connection between browser and the web-server makes emSSL suitable for operation on single-chip systems.
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Small embedded devices can send e-mail via encrypted connections or and retrieve or serve secure web pages using HTTPS. emSSL is highly efficient in terms of RAM, ROM and processor load. It works seamlessly with Segger’s high performance IP Stack, embOS/IP, as well as with the embOS/IP Web Server extension. Alternatively, it runs smoothly with any IP Stack supporting plain sockets, or any bidirectional communications channel.

emSSL comes as a complete package with all modules provided in source code. The user has full control over the code used and does not need to worry about possible back doors or weaknesses in the code. It supports TLS version 1, 1.1 and 1.2 out of the box. Example code demonstrates how to access cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Twitter. "Secure communication is going to be vital for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)," said Chris Hills, CTO of Phaedrus Systems "This implementation of emSSL is going to help developers create secure products."

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